Teton Shadow Band
Teton Shadow Band has been performing since the summer of 2007 when the band initially formed. They kicked off their first performances playing for an American Folk Dance Team in the Eastern Idaho Folk Dance Festival. Since that time they have been performing throughout South Eastern Idaho and Utah in music festivals, fairs, and celebrations of all sorts. Playing a mix of contemporary and traditional bluegrass with strong vocal harmonies and intricate instrumental breaks, they have played for events as formal as weddings to as laid back as a 4th of July Barbecue. With many of them having played from early childhood they have a ton of experience and love to play, sing, and make you smile.

Diane Koller, originally from Northern California, now calls Idaho home. She started her bluegrass career first by being held by Bill Monroe as a toddler. As a young girl she even lent her mandolin pick to him (and then not fully understanding who he was, she was upset when he didn't give it back.) Playing mandolin, fiddle, guitar, dobro, and banjo, and with her gorgeous voice she has played in various groups in Jackson, Wyoming, and Idaho. She loves to spend her free time outside with her two boys and wonderful husband. Nyk Vail, from Rexburg, Idaho began playing the banjo around the age of six years old. His desire to play came from watching and later performing folk and western music with his father. Nyk loves playing anything with strings but his current favorite instruments to play are the Mandolin and Guitar. The mandolin he currently plays is one he carved for his wife from some cherry wood they had sitting in their shed. Nyk enjoys the great outdoors and loves spending time with his wonderful wife, son, and daughter.  
Jordan Snow, originally from Smithfield, Utah started playing banjo at age 12 and still loves it. He has taken first place in the Utah State banjo competition twice and has competed in nationals two times as well. He uses his awarding style to make people smile everywhere he goes. Having played with many of the greats such as Earl Scruggs and Pete Wernick and many others Jordan brings much history, talent, and skill to the band. Fay Call, originally from the Seattle, WA area, now calls Idaho home. She started playing the piano when she was five and continued to learn many more instruments including the upright Bass. She has had the opportunity to play in a variety of different bands playing all over the North-West. When she's not playing the bass she's a registered nurse, wife and a mother to two beautiful boys.

 Band Alumni - You may get to see them when they are near show locations.
Lawrence Stone, originally from Parker, Idaho now resides in Utah with wonderful wife and children. Lawrence has been playing Bass since JR. High and started playing bluegrass in 2005. He adds his profound jazz skills to keep the group together and on beat. If you listen close, you will here some sweet upright bass leads during the shows. "Look mom, no frets"! His amazing command of this big instrument ties everything together.  Billy Beard, from Teton Valley near Driggs, Idaho has been playing instruments since childhood and is an excellent piano player as well as an accomplished instrumentalist on any other instrument that he can get his hands on. His love for music like Nyk stemmed from listening and watching his father play growing up. He loves playing many instruments, but especially his Gibson mandolin.
Curtis Benson, from Idaho Falls, Idaho has been playing bluegrass style guitar for around 10 years almost as long as he has been married to his wife. Constantly influenced by musical family and friends it is no wonder he so good. Watch and listen to him make his beautiful sounding and good looking guitar sing. Dr. Benson went to Dental School in Kentucky where his love for Bluegrass music only grew. He is married to Gail Benson who plays with the band and they have a beautiful daughter Dezh.

Gail Benson, originally from Northern California, and like her younger sister (Diane,) she also calls Idaho home. Gail can play numerous instruments and has a beautiful voice. She claims to mainly play the fiddle, but don't let her fool you. She toured with a folk dance team playing banjo and plays mandolin as well. Being in a group with her husband (Curtis) just makes life better. She loves spending time with family and is an extremely devoted mother to their precious daughter Dezh.
J. P. Manning, from Burley, Idaho has been playing since Jr. High and still loves it. His interest in music began through violin lessons and by participating in a show choir while growing up. Perhaps some of it came from his mother playing classical music to him as an infant and toddler (back when the theory of classical music making kids smarter was quite popular.) He adds baritone and bass vocals, great rhythm, played on his Martin.
The late Alex Christensen, from Rexburg, Idaho became an accomplished flat picker in a short period of time. He learned to play electric guitar in high school and continued to advance his skills when he started playing bluegrass. He joined the band in 2010, after original guitarist Curtis Benson moved to Kentucky for dental school. Alex added his charismatic personality to the group and always kept everyone smiling. His was a great bandmate, awesome and funny college professor to students he taught, and a very loving father to his two beautiful children. He is greatly missed.

Affiliate Bands

Teton Shadow - www.tetonshadow.com
  Nyk and Diane have teamed up as a duo for smaller settings and play a variety of music including Bluegrass, Americana, Folk, Celtic, Blues, and Western styles.

Celtic Shadow - www.celticshadow.com
        Irish and Scottish music with flare.  Celtic Shadow is the celtic side of the Teton Shadow Band. Often including members from the more traditional Ceilidh band Red Herring they will have you wanting to get up and dance to the fast jigs and reels or sway to the beautiful and haunting ballads.

To book either of these groups you may go to the contact page and fill out a request specifying which group and we will get in touch with you.